Discover the Top of the best series in prison

Prison is a troubled and unique environment. A world apart where nightmares and despair often reign. A world that has often inspired cinema and series. The proof, with these five programs that take place in the prison environment and to (re) discover as soon as possible.


Oz is an American series created by Tom Fontana and consists of 6 seasons. She returns in the legend of the American series thanks to the realism and violence shown on screen. It traces the daily life of the worst inmates in a high security prison. However, the cinematic approach to directing and its innovative writing make this series a reference for this theme.

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Prison Break

The essential series Prison Break made more noise than Michael Scofield during his escape. During its broadcast on M6 in 2005, it attracted several million viewers. And many more around the world. Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, then became THE reference of the fugitive prisoner.

The latter is locked up in the Fox River prison, with the plans tattooed on his body, to allow his brother to escape. The plot intertwines the obligation to trust the worst of the human species when a common goal motivates them: to escape. A series that takes us on board in prison and all the politics surrounding it. We are thus kept in suspense throughout the five seasons which do not fall into excess.

Prison Break is currently available on Disney+.

Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black is one of the very first original Netflix series. We follow Piper Chapman, a woman from a wealthy background who finds herself in prison overnight for a crime committed ten years earlier. The series showed another perception of girls in prison through its script and its staging.

Orange Is The New Black
Orange Is The New Black © Lionsgate Television

The vulnerability of the girls and their stories lead the viewer to see beyond their criminal status. Hard not to shed tears when our favorite characters die. A legendary series from Netflix who made a lot of talk about her with her story, her casting, and even some guests like Nabilla.

Orange Is The New Black is currently available on Netflix.

Vis a vis

The Spanish series Vis a vis, translated in France Behind bars, gathers two iconic performers from The Money Heist. Namely Alba Flores, aka Nairobi, and Najwa Nimri, aka Alicia. They both play inmates with a strong temperament.

Vis a vis
Opposite ©FOX Spain

Even if the story tells of the wrongful incarceration of Macarena Ferreiro (Maggie Civantos), it is basically Najwa Nimri, who plays Zulema Zahir, one of the most dangerous inmates, which carries the series. The episodes are very hectic and there are many comparisons with The Money Heist. Vis a vis was also adapted in France by Doug Campbelle on M6. It is Trapped, worn by Manon Azem and Elodie Fontan. The series has also been praised by the press.

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Vis a vis is currently available on Canal+.

girls in prison

girls in prison is a documentary series putting the spotlight on incarcerated minors in US turnaround facilities. Far from’Orange Is the New Black and of Vis a vis, this documentary series puts more emphasis on the testimony of inmates.

girls in prison
Girls in prison ©Netflix

Some prisoners speak in front of the camera while others are blurred out. If you are interested in the daily life of these young girls, two seasons are offered by Netflix.

And you, which series taking place in a prison would you have put in this top?

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