Discover the real-life inspiration behind The Simpsons

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening had a real-life inspiration for the family that won the hearts of millions.

Cartoon logic aside, The Simpsons is still a family comedy. So, to make his fictional family look genuine at his most realistic moments, Matt Groening took some inspiration from his real family.

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The biggest thing Matt Groening borrowed from making The Simpsons was the names of his own family members.

With the exception of Bart, every member of The Simpsons family has a real-world counterpart, as highlighted by Looper.

The Groening Family Inspired The Simpsons’ Names

Matt Groening’s father was actually called Homer, and he has two sisters named Lisa and Maggie. And while Marge Simpson’s full first name is Marjorie, Groening’s mother’s name Margaret can also be shortened to Marge.

Strangely, this wasn’t a fully planned decision on Matt Groening’s part.

According to the Seattle Times, Matt Groening spontaneously used these names while pitching the idea for the show to Fox in 1987. However, the names stayed and became part of television history, while also granting the Groening family a weird kind of “pseudo-fame”.

“Some people, when they make the connection, are impressed,” Lisa Groening told the Seattle Times in 2007.

“Yes, it’s weird. I have to explain that I had nothing to do with creating the design, and I am not Lisa Simpson.”

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