Discover the poster for Montreux Jazz 2023

A dip in the lake, head first: unveiled on Tuesday, the new poster for the Montreux Jazz Festival was designed by the French multidisciplinary artist Guillaume Grando, known as SupaKitch. “The work honors Lake Geneva, so emblematic of the image and history of the festival. The original painting, made in relief from superimposed layers of resin, will be exhibited during the event”, write the organizers. The artist is known for working with the reflections of light in water.

A totally different universe from the two previous posters, the female silhouette with colorful curves by illustrator Marylou Faure in 2021 and the electric pop art of Camille Walala last year. “Radical and enigmatic, the 2023 poster depicts the nocturnal undulations of Lake Geneva lit by the lively quays of the event, describe those responsible for the event. The letters of the Montreux Jazz Festival, altered by the movement of the water, seem to dance in the depths of the lake.

Surfing enthusiast

“The idea was to focus on the essentials, because art should be radical. The particularity of Lake Geneva, which I was able to admire during a visit to the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2018, lies in its blue-green nuances. I sought to reproduce these lake colors with a gradient towards black which evokes the nightlife of the Festival”, explains Guillaume Grando, quoted in a press release.

“As a passionate surfer, I spend a lot of time in the ocean observing natural phenomena, especially water: its matter, its color, its movement and its interaction with light. As with music, everything is a question of waves”, adds the French multidisciplinary artist.

Born in the suburbs of Paris in 1978, he began graffiti at a very young age under the name of SupaKitch. If he draws his inspiration above all from natural phenomena, he also cites Pierre Soulages and the abstract expressionists such as Jackson Pollock among his major influences.

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Since 1967, the MJF has given carte blanche to international artists to create its official poster. In 1982, Jean Tinguely left his indelible mark, which has become such a recognizable logo. Keith Haring signed three variations of it in 1983, then in tandem with Andy Warhol in 1986. David Bowie played the game in 1995, like more recently Yoann Le moine (Woodkid), Christian Marclay or JR. Guillaume Grando is the 52nd artist to sign a Montreux poster.

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