Discover the official radio audiences published by Médiamétrie: France Inter remains leader, RTL second in decline, RMC stops the decline, Europe 1 falls, mess for France Info …

It is the big day for all the national radio stations, since this morning at 8 a.m. sharp, the Médiamétrie audiences for the September / October period were unveiled and if these figures are important, it is because they must validate or not the choices which were made by each station for their re-entry grid.

First evidence, France Inter remains the leader and is visibly establishing itself in the lead. For its part, RTL remains second and is even slightly down in this poll despite several changes made to the program schedule. As for RMC, it is a relief because the station has finally managed to stop the steady decline in its audiences for months. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Europe 1, which continues its endless fall.

France Bleu is also down compared to the same period last season.

But what is notable is the France Info bowl which loses one point in this poll, which is the biggest drop among all the radio stations!

Also lower historical for Virgin Radio which also suffers on this wave. And precisely on the musical side, it should be noted that if NRJ remains the leader, the music station on rue Boileau is once again in decline. On the other hand, it should be noted that Fun Radio is on the rise over this period, as is Skyrock or even in a completely different Nostalgia style which appears very well in this poll.


Here are the audiences compared to the same period last year


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