Discover the film about Racionais MC’s that everyone is watching on Netflix

Newcomer to the Netflix catalogue, the documentary Racionais: Das Ruas de São Paulo Pro Mundo has become a real hit on the platform. The Brazilian film soon surpassed some of the biggest streaming hits, securing prominent positions in the Top 10 most watched productions.

Directed by Juliana Vicente, this documentary production follows the origin and rise of the Racionais MC’s – the most influential rap group in Brazil.

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In the documentary, fans can check out interviews with the group’s members, music industry experts and more.

We show below everything you need to know about the premiere and success of Racionais: Das Ruas de São Paulo Pro Mundo on Netflix; check out.

All about Racionais: From the Streets of São Paulo to the World on Netflix

Racionais: From the Streets of São Paulo to the World arrived on Netflix on November 16.

Less than 24 hours later, the film entered the Top 10 of streaming. As of this writing, the Racionais documentary is at Number 1, surpassing hits like Uma Quedinha de Natal and As Cores do Amor.

“With their protests in the form of music, the legendary rap group Racionais MC’s transformed street poetry into a powerful movement in Brazil and the world”, states the official synopsis of the documentary.

The film features unpublished scenes that were recorded over the course of more than three decades of the group’s career – in addition to exclusive interviews and, of course, a lot of music.

One of the objectives of the documentary is to reinforce the impact and legacy of Racionais in Brazilian music, from the group’s first concerts, in the streets of São Paulo, to the present day.

As mentioned earlier, the Racionais MC’s documentary is directed by Juliana Vicente. The feature is a production of Preta Portê Filmes. Isabel Xavier is in charge of art direction, and Flávio Rebouças, Rodrigo Machado and Carlos Firmino are in charge of photography.

The group Racionais MC’s, for those who don’t know, is the most important and influential rap group in Brazil.

Founded in 1988, Racionais MC’s is formed by rappers Mano Brown, Ice Blue, Edi Rock and KL Jay.

The songs of Racionais, primarily, demonstrate the concern to denounce the destruction of the lives of black and poor young people from the Brazilian peripheries – in addition to the involvement of racism in sustaining misery and violence.

Themes such as police brutality, organized crime and oppressive state actions are also recurrent in the group’s lyrics.

The Racionais MC’s are responsible for the albums Raio X Brasil (1993), Sobrevivendo no Inferno (1997), Nada Como um Dia Pós o Outro Dia (2002) and Cores & Valores (2014).

You can already check out the Brazilian production Racionais: Das Ruas de São Paulo Pro Mundo on Netflix🇧🇷 See the trailer below.

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