Discount for friends? Cristiana Jesus replies: “They were the ones who enjoyed the most when I had nothing…”

Cristiana Jesus rose to fame after participating in TVI’s “Casa dos Segredos”, where she became a well-known Portuguese face.

Since then, the Algarve woman has built an online business alongside her partner (and on her own), which has proved to be a success.

This Monday, November 14, Cristiana Jesus held a question and answer session on social media. One follower asked: “Why don’t you give a discount in your stores to people who went to school with you? Humility needs…”can be read.

Cristiana Jesus responded and explained: “Because I don’t have to. Because many who say they like me today and are proud to say that they were my “friends” in childhood were actually the ones who made fun of me the most when I had nothing”begins by explaining.

“When I started, they didn’t support me, they didn’t make a single share, a single purchase. Why do I have to give discounts to people who never believed in me today?”can still be read.

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