Dirty Dancing: Jennifer Gray will take over the role of Baby in the sequel

As a sequel to the iconic “Dirty Dancing” is about to see the light of day, very good news has just fallen for fans of the cult film: Jennifer Gray will take over the role of Baby in the sequel!

dirty dancing : love and dance

dirty dancing arrives in dark rooms during 1987. The feature film revolves around the character of Frances Houseman, aka Baby, a wealthy 17-year-old heiress. For the holidays, the young girl and her family go to a posh pension nestled in the Catskill mountains. A stay that goes radically change the life heroin! Following a combination of circumstances, Baby is catapulted into the dance troupe of the boarding house. The opportunity for her to discover the life and challenges of “normal” people, as well as dance, in other words a discipline she does not really know. Only Frances get caught up in the game and offers to replace an ailing dancer for the establishment’s famous show.

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To do this, she meets Johnny Castle, a dance teacher by trade. Against all odds, the two characters are quick to to fall in love despite the differences between them. Jennifer Gray and the late Patrick Swayze lend their features to the protagonists of Emile Ardolino’s feature film. For the record, if her character is supposed to be seventeen years old, the actress had ten more while filming! A difference that fail to cost him dearly since the production considers it too old. It was without counting on dancing skills of the young woman. In a few minutes, she convinces the director to take her for the film.

dirty dancing : what to expect next?

The sequel to the film that marked a generation will be directed by Jonathan Levine, to whom we owe Warm Bodies, with Nicholas Hoult. The filmmaker signs the screenplay for the sequel with Elizabeth Chomko. While the project will soon be presented at the Cannes market, discussions about its distribution are continuing. A mix between old film stars and new faces seems to be looming. And good news, Jennifer Gray will reprise her role in the upcoming feature film!

dirty dancing
dirty dancing ©L’Atelier Distribution

If we still have little information about the plot, it seems that the character will go in the holiday camp who turned his life upside down. As in the original film, the plot will revolve around a young girl and deal with her coming of age through a love story. But beware, the story will offer several character journeys simultaneously, since we will also follow the evolution of Frances.

Jennifer Gray at all costs

Jonathan Levine confided in our colleagues from Deadline about the upcoming feature film. The director explains that he and his teams discuss a lot with former film stars regarding their presence in the sequel. He does not hide his joy of working with the interpreter of Baby.

The most important thing to us was that Jennifer was part of the trip.

Dithyrambic, Levine describes her as a collaborator invaluable, just that ! The filmmaker adds that he is keen not to betray the original film, which he greatly appreciates. But precisely, how not to think of the character of Johnny?

Johnny is part of Baby’s evolution in the story.

The director seems to want to introduce the dance teacher into the story, but we do not yet know how. Should we expect images of the 1987 version in this new opus? For the moment, the mystery remains !

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