Dirty Dancing 2 gets a release date

The sequel to the classic film Dirty Dancing has finally earned its release date.

According to the website deadlineLionsgate has announced that Dirty Dancing 2 will only be released on February 9, 2024.

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In part 2, Frances “Baby” Houseman (Grey) takes us back to Kellerman’s Resort for a summer story, young romance and dancing.

The newest film will star Jennifer Gray, who was in the original 1987 film. Jonathan Levine directs, in addition to writing the script with Elizabeth Chomko, Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis.

In addition, the sequel will reveal what will happen to the character of Patrick Swayze, the actor who starred in the first film and died in 2009.

More about Dirty Dancing

The 1987 classic, Dirty Dancing – Hot Rhythm, is one of the great successes of the dance and romance genre in the 80s. Packed by several songs, The Time of My Life scored in the final dance presented on screen.

The film starred Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Kelly Bishop, Cynthia Rhodes, and other actors. The direction was by Emile Ardolino.

“Hoping to enjoy her youth, a young woman is disappointed to discover that she will spend the summer of 1963 with her parents at a resort in the sleepy Catskills. But her luck changes when she meets the resort’s dance instructor, Johnny, a boy with a very different past. When he puts her as his new partner, the two end up falling in love,” reads the synopsis.

Dirty Dancing – Hot Rhythm is available on Star+. To sign, Click here.

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