Dirk Borchardt: Dirk Borchardt’s wife Katja reveals her difficult path to pregnancy

“Practice with a sea view” star Dirk Borchardt and his wife Katja become parents for the first time. But it was a long way to pregnancy, as the soon-to-be mom reveals in a moving post on Instagram.

Dirk Borchardt, 53, and his wife Katja Borchardt announced the magical pregnancy news shortly after Easter with a photo on Instagram. The actor, who is known from series such as “Practice with a Sea View” and “Next Exit Luck”, posted a picture showing his pregnant wife with a naked baby ball. The soon-to-be father kisses his wife lovingly on the mouth and tenderly puts his arms around her waist. It is the first child for Dirk Borchardt and his wife. But the road to pregnancy was not easy, as Katja Borchardt reveals with a touching post on Instagram.

Katja Borchardt suffered a miscarriage

“Our baby will see the light of day almost exactly nine months after our wedding. It looks like we are the most fertile couple in the world,” says Katja Borchardt on social media. But it took some time before she held the positive pregnancy test in her hand, as she confided to her fans. “What you don’t see are the past two years.” In her post, she writes about her miscarriage, the absence of menstruation for months and visits to various practices. Then she reveals to her followers the reason for her complicated path to pregnancy: the diagnosis of Asherman syndrome.

Asherman Syndrome is a rare uterine condition

Asherman syndrome (Fritsch syndrome or Fritsch-Asherman syndrome) refers to scars and adhesions inside the uterus. As a result, the uterus narrows and the lining of the uterus no longer functions properly – in the worst case, the uterus closes. As a result of the uterine disease, Katja Borchardt underwent artificial insemination, a so-called in vitro fertilization (IVF for short – fertilization that is carried out in a test tube). In addition, an operation was necessary because scar tissue had formed as a result of the disease.

Pregnancy is an “emotional roller coaster ride” for expectant parents

“Then when we held a positive test in our hands for the second time, it was the happiest day of our lives. However, that was followed by the longest and most frightening three months of my life. Pregnancy again after a miscarriage is an emotional rollercoaster ride,” she says users know. With her post, Katja Borchardt wants to raise awareness of the Asherman syndrome, which is relatively unknown in this country.

Dirk Borchardt now shared his wife’s post in his Instagram story and decorated his declaration of love (“I love you”) with a heart. Dirk Borchardt has been married to his Katja since autumn 2021.

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