Director Dušan Klein († 82): IT ENDED IN TEREZÍN DUE TO THE TRADE!

The news surprised all his friends, colleagues and supporters. “We called each other at Christmas, we last saw each other last summer. I promised to bring him the book The Secret of Film Speech, but I didn’t have time to give it to him. “ said Aha! producer of two parts of the Poets Miloslav Šmídmajer (62). “As soon as I made the sad news known to several people, disbelief began to come to me immediately. Production Dufková summed it up exactly. She wrote – Poets don’t die, “ sad.

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Dusan Klein belonged to the children who survived Terezín. He hid from the threat of transports with his parents and two older brothers in a farm in the Low Tatras. Half a year later, his father found contact at a Catholic convent for orphans in Bratislava, where a local pastor hid them under the name Ružiak, who were boys who managed to go to England. However, due to the betrayal of others, they eventually found themselves in Terezín.

Dusan Klein died. And Adamcova about her relationship with Escobar’s son

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“Fortunately, we did not get to another concentration camp, we lived in Terezín until liberation. We did not return home because the house in Michalovce burned down, “ Klein recalled later. The parish priest who hid them in Slovakia was executed by the Nazis …

Millions of spectators

The first three parts of Klein’s legendary poetry series in the 1980s (How the World Lost Poets – 1982, How Poets Lose Illusions – 1984 and How Poets Enjoy Life – 1987) attracted over five million viewers to cinemas. Slightly different films about adolescents than used to be the case under communism were full of humor and exaggeration and excited both viewers and critics. Dušan Klein concluded the story of Dr. Šafránek in the next three volumes The End of Poets in Bohemia (1993), How Poets Don’t Lose Hope (2004) and How Poets Wait for a Miracle (2016).

Trailer for the film How Poets Enjoy Life

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