Direct red: Minister of Sports knocks out a member of the rival team during a soccer match

Ashadh Ali, Minister of Sports of Maldives entered the field of play in a friendly match that the National Team soccer of his country disputed against Seychelles. However, he never thought that his entry would be quite ephemeral because, after a harsh intervention, the referee took the red card from him, and he was expelled. It didn’t take long for the video to become a trend on social networks and went around the world.

The match went 0-0 when the coach, at 92 minutes, decide to make a change in which you order the entry of But. Everything seemed to indicate that the match would end up tied so it was necessary to prevent the rival from scoring a goal in discount.

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However, 94, two minutes later, the sports minister receives a direct red card. What happened? Turns out that Ashadh Ali struck a hard elbow on the head of a football player. Seychelles who was blocking his way.

The entrance of But to the court did not make a difference for the Maldives national team, but his intervention went around the world and it did not take long to be one of the most talked about events on social networks.

However, Ali was also on everyone’s lips in 2014 when he simulated a foul during the penalty shootout in a match of Maldives against Afghanistan for him third place in the AFC Challenge Cup.

The Maldives sports minister currently has 35 years, starting his career as a professional in 2006, militando en equipos como Victory, VB Sports Club, BG Sports Club, Maziya, New Radiant, Club Green Streets, Club Eagles.

In addition, has been called up to the Maldives national team since 2007, while, at the political level, militates in the Democratic Party of the Maldives, an organization that is in the government, headed by the presidente Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

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