Diogo Nogueira enjoys a sunny afternoon with Paolla Oliveira and praises his girlfriend: "Pretty girl"

Diogo Nogueira e Paolla Oliveira continue showing the routine of their relationship through social networks. This Sunday (21/11), the singer showed that he is enjoying the afternoon of intense sunshine in Rio de Janeiro with his beloved.

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He filmed the actress without her knowing it, but it wasn’t long before she noticed the “trick”. “Is it video? God forbid! Impossible,” said Paolla, who was wearing an orange bikini. Diogo, then, praised her: “Beautiful girl, right!”.

During the holiday of the Proclamation of the Republic, Diogo had already melted by Paolla in another publication made on the same social network. The samba dancer posted a video where he showed the routine alongside the actress, with a lot of affection between them. In the caption, Diogo wrote: “Holiday with my love! Good week for us”.

In the comments area, there was praise for the couple: “The most perfect”, said a follower. “The most beautiful couple in the world,” said another. “You are wonderful if you deserve too much,” said a third.

Diogo and Paolla do not hide their passion on social media. In October, the actress celebrated the release of “Cane flower“, her boyfriend’s new song that was dedicated to her.

“Look at her guys! Now it’s officially sexed and I can’t stop listening. It’s not just rhythmic words, it’s attitudes and a lot of affection. Thanks for the gift, Diogo Nogueira. Flor De Caña is now available on digital platforms. Will you listen?!” , said the artist at the time.

In the same month, the actress gave an interview to Vanessa Vitória. She commented a little about her intimacy with the singer. At a certain point in the chat, the presenter commented on the danger of wanting to do something every day and generating some kind of compulsion.

At that point, Paolla interrupted her and gave the conversation a sexual connotation. “There are things that are good to do every day. You will not give the wrong tip, friend,” said the actress. After the artist’s comment, Vanessa countered, being surprised by the comment: “She’s been fine lately. I can’t control it… This woman is so shameless,” joked Vanessa.

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