Diogo Amaral shares a photo of his children (without clothes) and shares his opinions: “With all due respect. Unnecessary photography…”

Diogo Amaral is a real drooling father and on social media he shares various moments of his family life, with a natural emphasis on the records with his two children, Mateus and Oliver.

This Saturday, May 14, the actor took to Instagram again to share a record of the children, without clothes, jumping on the bed: “My boys ❤”, wrote the actor in the caption of the publication.

However, the record ended up dividing opinions and even generated some discussions among the actor’s followers about the exposure of the two boys: “Less and more, beware!!!”, “Then they admire😢or “They know the dangers of the Internet and even so…, the photo can be beautiful, but this type of photos I think should be kept privately in an album to remember later”can be read.

On the other hand, there are also those who defend the actor and even make fun of the criticism that Diogo Amaral was the target of: “Really irresponsible to let the kids jump on the bed, and the bed to be made…. Everyone is entitled to their opinion I came to two kids having fun creating memories. Who sees danger and warned ok” or “The photo is beautiful 😍… the minds of some are that they have problems, for seeing things where they shouldn’t”can be read.

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