Diogo Amaral exposes ‘doubts’ about his son: “Why always speak in English? Isn’t it Portuguese?”

This Thursday, July 21, and after receiving a new message from a follower, who had already questioned him about his son’s nationality, Diogo Amaral decided to expose what was sent to him.

Through the Stories of his Instagram account, the 40-year-old actor showed a first question, where you can read: “Why always speak in English? Isn’t the boy Portuguese?” and a second one, sent yesterday: “Where was the kid born?! Isn’t it Portuguese????

Diogo Amaral left some emojis ‘rolling his eyes’ and played with what was written to him: “Because why???”wrote in the description.

Remember that Oliver is the result of the relationship between Jessica Athayde and Diogo Amaral. The boy is, like his mother, bilingual, so he speaks English and Portuguese.

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