Dino Scala, the “rapist of the Sambre”, without a word for his victims: “He didn’t have a single thought for them…”

A litany of names, dates, facts and places (the region of Pont-de-Sambre, but also Erquelinnes, where eight facts were committed), a litany that lasted about twenty minutes. But which, for the entire courtroom, seemed like hours. After the draw of the jurors and a debate on the prescription of about twenty facts, Érik Tessereau, president of the Assize Court of the North, got to the heart of the matter.

What Dino Scala, 61, is in the dock for. A litany accompanied by sobs here and there on the benches of the civil parties, sounded by these 56 stated facts. “We were wondering when it was going to stop”, slips Clara. It is there of one of the highlights of this first day of an extraordinary trial.

►► Meanwhile, Dino Scala appeared elsewhere, in his thoughts.

►► Without ever looking in the direction of the victims: “He did not have a single thought for them”

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