Dinko recovered and rode a powerful ATV (Paparazzi photos)

Refugee hunter Dinko Valev rode a powerful ATV just 2 months after the serious accident he suffered.

The photographers roaming around villages and palanquins of “Bulgaria Today” they found the Yambol businessman at the Koprinka dam, where an extreme competition is taking place.

Dinko is part of an extreme race

The ex-brother spurs a powerful buggy on the muddy roads at breakneck speed. Dinko travels almost 80 kilometers around the dam. And then he enters the water, where he climbs onto a pontoon and, together with the vehicle, is pulled ashore by his teammates.

Dinko and friends are part of the race. It is on the occasion of the closing of the season. And it takes place every year at the end of November. Although the businessman has to rest because of the injuries he has, he decides to take part in the ordeal. Since the accident he suffered, Dinko has a slight limp. Keep one leg. And lets the burden fall on the other. The businessman from Yambol has visibly lost weight.

Despite all this, Dinko does not stop raising his adrenaline. The former brother adores difficult trials and regularly engages in them. After the competition, Dinko is congratulated for his participation by everyone. Yambolia sits down at a heavy table overflowing with food and drink, and the party for him and his company begins.

The former brother was horribly emaciated in mid-September. The Bohemian was pinned down by heavy equipment while towing a broken-down tanker in the Devnya area. Dinko was almost covered. Valev was transported by helicopter to Sofia, where only because of the quick and adequate intervention of the medics from “Pirogov” he did not remain disabled. We’re glad he’s on the mend!

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