Dindori News: Congress pays tribute on Maharaja Shankar Shah Raghunath Shah sacrifice day

Dindori (Rep. of New Zealand). On the sacrifice day of Maharaja Shankar Shah Kunwar Raghunath Shah of Gondwana kingdom, a tribute meeting was organized at the District Congress Committee Help Center on Saturday. On the oil painting of Maharaja Shankar Shah Kunwar Raghunath Shah, the officials and workers paid homage with a garland of cotton. District Congress Committee President Virendra Bihari Shukla said that Maharaja Shankar Shah and his son Raghunath Shah of Gondwana Empire decided to fight to protect the motherland from the British. To overthrow the British rule, by collecting small kings and zamindars, they waged a war against the British. Shri Shukla said that in the year 1857, the commander of 52nd Regiment of the British posted at Jabalpur, Lt Gen Clarke was a very tyrannical. He had troubled the small king and the general public a lot. King Shankar Shah had declared a struggle to end Clark’s atrocities by taking the public and the zamindar along. Clarke, through his spies, got information about the preparations for the war being made by Shankar Shah Raghunath Shah against the British. Shri Shukla said that on September 14, the British surrounded the palace. Maharaja Shankar Shah’s preparations were still incomplete, so due to deception, King Shankar Shah and his son Kunwar Raghunath Shah were taken prisoner. On September eighteenth, the father and son were martyred by tying them to the mouth of the cannon. Today, the valor of Maharaja Shankar Shah Raghunath Shah is glorified not only in entire Gondwana but in Madhya Pradesh and the country. The former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Government Kamal Nath had also released funds to develop the martyr site of Maharaja Shankar Shah and Raghunath Shah as an inspiration center. District Vice President Alok Sharma, Senior Congressman Tulsi Ram Maravi, Tribal Development Youth President Nanku Singh Paraste, District General Secretary Akil Ahmed Siddiqui, Congress Seva Dal State Secretary Surendra Saraiya, Senior Congressman Sagir Khan, Sector President Vicky Khan, Gulbasia Pushham, Pushpa Mahobia, Congress officials and workers including Vijay Dahiya, Dhanu Lal Banavasi, Kaushal Netam, Kapoor Banavasi, Ramu Prasad Rao, Nazim, AA Qureshi were present.

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