Dieter Wedel († 82): The director died

Dieter Wedel passed away at the age of 82.

Director Dieter Wedel has died. This is reported by the district court of Munich I. Criminal proceedings against Wedel were pending there. Dieter Wedel died on July 13, 2022 in Hamburg. He was 82 years old.

Dieter Wedel dies at the age of 82

Dieter Wedel was charged in March last year with an allegation from 1996. The actress Jany Tempel claims that the director raped her in a luxury hotel in Munich. Other women had also turned to the public about violent attacks by Wedel. Wedel has vehemently denied these allegations. Until his death, it was unclear whether there would be a trial. According to the court, the case against him has now been discontinued.

The successful director gave up his position as artistic director

Dieter Wedel is one of the most successful German directors and made a name for himself with films and miniseries such as “Tatort”, “The Semmeling Affair” and “The Great Wellheim”. Before the allegations of abuse against him, which became loud in the course of the MeToo debate, he was director of the Bad Hersfeld Festival and set audience records.

Dieter Wedel leaves behind his wife Uschi Wolters and six children.

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