Dieter Bohlen: Sender reacts to his DSDS verbal dropout

It’s no secret that Dieter Bohlen isn’t exactly squeamish when he judges new singing talents on “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Now, however, he seems to be going too far with his comments. The broadcaster RTL then responded with a statement.

It is no stranger that Dieter Bohlen, 68, in the new season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” on RTL is subjected to a verbal endurance test. The chief judge of the successful casting show does not leave a good hair on Jill Lange, 22, who has already achieved a certain level of awareness through her participation in reality formats such as “Are You The One – Realitystars in Love” and “Ex on the Beach”. In the show, which is already available on RTL + and can be seen on TV on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, the young woman faces the tough singing jury chaired by the DSDS veteran. A decision that she may have regretted immediately after her casting.

Dieter Bohlen and Pietro Lombardi are surprised by Jill’s TV experience

First, the young woman has to face her TV past, as it seems. After it was made clear that she had already taken part in the said dating formats, Bohlen’s jury colleague and buddy Pietro Lombardi, 30, had a chance. First directed at Jill, he asks, “You’ve dated several men?” to which she replies, taken aback, “Um, yeah?!” The “Bella Donna” interpreter then turns to Lars, the 22-year-old’s partner: “And how do you deal with that?” He replies confidently: “I’m not any better.” An unpleasant exchange of blows, which calls juror Katja Krasavice, 26, onto the scene: “Above all – deal with it ?! As if that were something bad”, the rapper turns to Pietro with a pointed tongue and thus strengthens Jill’s back, well intentioned.

However, that is not the end of the topic. On the contrary: Now Bohlen turns on again and vehemently questions Jill’s motives for her reality TV career. “Well, I graduated from high school, and after that I was like, ‘What are you doing now?’ I still wanted to do something cool, have adventures,” she says, justifying her free decision for the special TV subject.

Verbal low blow from the self-proclaimed pop titan

Actually, the penetrating questioning should be over with that – but apparently not for Dieter Bohlen, who suddenly throws a verbal low blow: “Did you do anything normal? Or did you just graduate and let yourself be noodled?” Did we hear you right?

Jill, obviously shocked, bravely goes on the offensive: “Everyone can do what they want!” She makes it quite clear, whereupon Bohlen snippyly claims the last word for himself: “I can’t say anything about it because I look like that don’t touch a piece of crap.”

A promise without substance

After a DSDS season break, the jury chief has once again set his standards, which took some getting used to. It was only in the summer of 2022 that during his jury comeback interview with RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig, 59, he said: “I will not bend at all”, but then struck surprisingly gentle notes: “But I don’t want to be THAT hard. “He doesn’t seem to be able to do the latter so far. Bohlen can’t get out of his skin that easily.

Jill responds with tears and an appeal

Jill’s joy about a ticket to the recall should have been dulled a lot. In an Instagram story, she gave free rein to her horror at the self-proclaimed pop titan’s encroaching broadside: “I’m absolutely open to criticism, tell me I can’t sing, tell me I sound like a howling hyena – I can deal with that. But Dieter got personal, and not everything was shown there. I just have to say that here, because these are things that don’t work. Dieter insulted me, “explained the 22-year-old at Tears.” These are people who have feelings. Don’t just think about the ratings and the attention,” she appealed to Bohlen and those responsible for the station.

RTL stands behind the DSDS jury

RTL responded to the request from “Der Westen” with the following statement: “The fact that Jill’s participation in various reality formats in the RTL cosmos is discussed in an RTL show should not come as a surprise and should not be concealed for editorial reasons. During the recording of DSDS Jill has no problem talking about her participation in the dating formats, as can be seen in the episode. The fact that Jill rated the performance shown as her worst is purely subjective. She also made it into the recall, giving her another chance to convince the jury and viewers of her talent in the next round.”

A spokeswoman for the broadcaster also made it clear: “That would certainly not have been our choice of words, but in the context of the previous discussion about Jill’s dating show experiences, which, incidentally, not only Jill but also her partner Lars spoke to the jury about, we saw no reason to cut the commentary from the broadcast.”

RTL does not want to muzzle its DSDS team: “Basically: Our jury consists of four jurors who stand for different opinions and attitudes to life and also express them. Katja quickly took sides with Jill during the casting and gave her the tip: ‘Stay just the way you are. Don’t let anyone talk you into it!’ Jill is a strong person who confidently stood up to her wife and gave counterattacks at DSDS She could have left the competition at any time if she felt unfairly treated – but she didn’t do that, on the contrary: she is jubilant came to the jury casting and voluntarily accepted the verdict of the jury in the further course.”

Jill Lange goes into protective position

Meanwhile, Jill’s Instagram profile is set to private. It is conceivable that the young woman would like to protect herself from further unspeakable comments. She should go to her next appearance on DSDS with a rumbling stomach. It is doubtful whether Dieter Bohlen feels the same way. But maybe he’s given it some thought in the meantime – and silently formulated a serious apology.

“We Have a Dream” was once the super hit from Bohlen’s music workshop for the first DSDS season. Maybe he can fulfill this one dream and finally show a little more sensitivity and tolerance for the final season of DSDS.

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