"die in silence", "you bother everyone" : Cyril Hanouna annoyed by Bernard Montiel, he asks him to leave the set of "TPMP" !

When something does not suit him, Cyril Hanouna never hesitates to raise his voice and reframe his columnists. He was never “afraid” to stand up to them and not agree with what some people said. Which also led to some tension with members of the team, as was the case with Géraldine Maillet, several weeks ago, before everything was back to normal. This Wednesday, June 22, the host once again had to be firm and tighten the screws of Bernard Montiel when Marlène Schiappa intervened in daily life to tell about her new life after politics.

While his story fascinated all the columnists around the table, including Cyril Hanouna, Bernard Montiel, who recently attacked Sandrine Rousseau, seemed to have a cat in his throat and could not stop coughing . After long seconds, he finally made the decision to leave the set so as not to spoil the sequence. “Go Die Right”then threw the animator to him with irony before regaining control of the sequence: “It’s nothing, it’s a columnist who is going to leave us, it’s nothing. The show must go on!”.

The worst narrowly avoided

Marlène Schiappa was then able to continue her story, in particular telling her life as a minister and the intimate moments that hardly existed at that time. Indeed, the one who was under the orders of Emmanuel Macron explained, for example, that even during an outing to the beach with her companion, she was always accompanied by bodyguards a few meters from her. As she chained and saluted the success of the program Facing Baba, Bernard Montiel once again spoiled the moment.

“Bernard dies in silence oh! You piss everyone off, we’re with a former minister there! Die 100m away”exclaimed Cyril Hanouna before Marlène Schiappa defended the columnist: “Poor guy, I would like us to respect Bernard Montiel because for my generation it’s still Patrick from Under the Sun”. It was only a good moment after the host’s reproach that the columnist resurfaced: “Oh, is he back?”. “I swallowed wrong, I’m sorry, sorry”, defended the columnist. Apologies accepted which made it possible to resume the thread of the show.

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