Die can wait: the fate of Ana de Armas’ character had to be very different

Ana de Armas marked the spirits of the spectators in “Mourir can wait” by accompanying Daniel Craig for ten minutes. Yet his presence could have been greatly shortened.

To die can wait cardboard

The wait was long but we will have ended up seeing this last James Bond of Daniel Craig. Postponed due to the Covid pandemic, To die can wait was released in French theaters on October 6. It is Daniel Craig’s latest adventure in the shoes of 007 after 15 years of good and loyal service – since Casino Royale in 2006. What provoke a craze, a priori, unprecedented in the history of the saga.

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Moreover, on the box office side, the film is doing with a very good score despite special conditions linked to the pandemic. After a little over a month, the feature film has already collected more than $ 700 million at the box office (150 million in the United States and 560 million in the rest of the world). A figure which should climb even higher in the coming weeks.

However, To die can wait did not fully convince. If the action is at the rendezvous, the scenario is not without flaws. And above all, Daniel Craig’s farewell is enough to leave a bitter taste (see our review). However, if there is one element that has probably convinced everyone, it is the character played by Ana de Armas. The actress plays Paloma, an agent who comes to the aid of Bond during his stay in Cuba.

A sequence of barely ten minutes but during which it excels on all points. Because while checking the boxes of the perfect James Bond Girl (beautiful, sexy, elegant), she brings a real lightness in the film, humor, and above all never gives 007 the opportunity to seduce her. A selfless character that works wonderfully.

Ana de Armas, the extra touch

We say to ourselves that without this sequence, To die can wait would have lost big. Screenrant even talks about ten best minutes of the feature film and that cutting his part would simply have killed the movie. However, The Guardian for his part revealed that in the original script, Paloma’s presence had to be much shorter. Screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who have been working on the James Bond saga for The world is not enough (1999), would have written a first draft of the scenario in which the heroine was simply presented as “a contact. No particular characterization for the character. A simple appearance that would certainly have disappointed Ana de Armas fans. And as specified Screenrant, his character would then have been a new cartoon of James Bond Girl. A beautiful young woman seduced by Bond for one scene before moving on.

Dying Can Wait © Universal Pictures

Fortunately, Cary Fukunaga, director of To die can wait, insisted on that his character is deepened and that his involvement in James Bond’s mission be more substantial. A wise choice as the alchemy between Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig is felt on the screen. Recall that the duo had already given the answer in At loggerheads (2019).

We would have liked that Ana de Armas continued to participate in the James Bond saga after To die can wait. But even though some fans were quick to envision a Paloma spinoff, it seems unlikely. On the other hand, the actress will join another muscular saga, that of John Wick. She should indeed wearing the Ballerina spin-off, currently in preparation. We are also waiting to see her in Marylin’s shoes with Blonde, postponed to 2022 by Netflix.

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