Didier Bourdon treats unvaccinated "poor assholes" : Internet users shocked to discover the profession of his son!

For several months, the debate between pro and anti vaccine has been dynamiting social networks. Not a day goes by without a controversy or a position that ignites Twitter. The latest? The words of Didier Bourdon who attacked unvaccinated people. Far from a Pascal Légitimus who announced that he would find “Too bad we didn’t choose the drugs to treat this disease. The third dose will be without me”, the other member of the unknown told him that he did not understand the choice of those who refused to be vaccinated.

“I tell myself that given the number of people who have been vaccinated, even if we all have to die, I prefer, rather than staying on earth with the poor assholes who have not been vaccinated, I prefer to spend other side”, he said live in the face of questions from BFMTV by Jean-Marie Marchaut. Invited thereafter in Télématin, the actor came to comment on the release of the film My very dear children. On this occasion, he also evoked a certain interest in the economic evolution of pharmaceutical laboratories. He will drop this sentence which will then set fire to Twitter: “I have no complaints, my son works for Pfizer.”

Didier Bourdon lynched by Internet users

This little anecdote had the merit of waking up some Twittos who then let loose in their posts: “Didier Bourdon who had very harsh remarks towards the unvaccinated comes to tell us that his son works at Pfizer! We understand better now…”, “Who is this stranger…….who insults the non-vaccinated French people and who we discover that his son works for Pfizer. Stay Unknown and Shut Up!!! Didier bourdon insults the unvaccinated when his son works at pfizer.”, “Disappointed by Didier Bourdon, he and his cronies of strangers who denounced in a comical and ironic way the absurdities of the system.”, “Showbiz has greatly rotten it!, Didier Bourdon, for years he made us laugh by making fun of big idiots with his big idiot face. But in fact, it’s just a big con…

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