Did you notice that too? Therefore, he stopped singing

Did you also notice that the song suddenly stopped – and there was a few seconds of silence – when Latvia performed during this year’s Eurovision?

There is a very special reason for this.

This year, Latvia joins the group Citi Zēni, who hope that the song ‘Eat Your Salad’ – which is a tribute to vegetables rather than meat – can secure them a place in Saturday’s final.

But a single word in the song’s first line has been pillaged out.

Here, Citi Zeni is seen on stage during a rehearsal prior to the semifinals.

Here, Citi Zeni is seen on stage during a rehearsal prior to the semifinals.

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For the simple reason that it’s too naughty to be sung from a Eurovision scene.

Originally, the song’s first two stanzas sound:

»Instead of meat I eat veggies and pussy. I like them both fresh, like them both juicy. «

But the word ‘pussy’ – which in Danish translates to ‘pussy’ – has not, despite the song’s green message, been given the green light to be sung to millions of viewers worldwide.

Instead of singing the word – or replacing it with another – the group has chosen to stop singing the second it should be mentioned, while the group’s lead singer smiles askance at the camera.

Then it is up to the audience to fill in the silence and shout the floor from the hall.

To DR The group’s frontman, rapper Jānis Pētersons, has said they do not agree with the censorship imposed on them by the EBU, which is behind the competition.

However, they accept it:

‘I have not yet met anyone who has been offended. But you never know. For the semifinals, millions of people will be watching TV, and we do not want to offend anyone. That is not our goal, “he told DR.

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