Did you know? Cobra Kai Actress Is Daughter Of Karate Kid Star

The fourth season of Cobra Kai brings a new actress to the Netflix show. What fans didn’t know is that the artist is the daughter of Ralph Macchio, the show’s Daniel LaRusso and Karate Kid.

The actress in question is Julia Macchio. The Karate Kid star’s daughter participates in the fourth season as cousin Vanessa.

Born in 1992, Cobra Kai’s daughter Daniel does not have acting as her main career. Julia has few credits as an actress, the Netflix series being one of them.

Other than that, Julia Macchio appeared in Minha Vida Dava Um Filme, 2012, and A Namorada do Meu Irmão, 2018. On social media, Ralph Macchio’s daughter usually shows some moments with her father.

On Instagram, netizens even find Julia hanging out with her father and William Zabka, Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai and Karate Kid.

Check out some of those moments below.

The fifth season is coming

Netflix has released the first trailer for the fifth season of Cobra Kai. The series that continues the Karate Kid returns on September 9 of this year.

The preview shows Daniel LaRusso preparing to defeat Terry Silver, who opens several Cobra Kai dojos in the city. Meanwhile, Johnny Lawrence goes after Miguel in Mexico.

“After the shocking result of the Regional Tournament, Terry Silver tries to expand the Cobra Kai empire and make ‘no compassion’ style karate dominate the region. With Kreese in jail and Johnny Lawrence away from karate to repair the damage he’s done, Daniel LaRusso must turn to someone from his past for help.

See the trailer below:

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