Did Umut mean it? "Bachelor in Paradise"-Jenny serious?

How does Jennifer Rath feel about moving out of the love villa? Already in the second episode of Bachelor in Paradise, the blonde had to pack her bags. It seemed to spark between the former Bachelor participant and candidate Umut Tekin (25). But on the night of the roses, he chose another lady. What does the beauty think of the hottie’s choice?

For the 25-year-old finds jennifer clear words. “I personally think so umut had no honest intentions at the time, since he also openly said in the first episode that he wanted to play games here”she revealed celebrity flash. Still seems jennifer not to be too sad: “I already said that umut optically isn’t my type and after what I saw on RTL+, I can say that unfortunately it wouldn’t have fitted in character either.”

Not only Jenny went empty-handed – Chiara Fröhlich (24) also had to leave paradise. At first she joined in umut but then the Ravensburger wanted to get to know the other women better. “I bet on the wrong guy last week and have now received the receipt for it. But I’m sure that sooner or later everyone will get their receipt back.”explained Chiara in the episode.

“Bachelor in Paradise” weekly from November 3rd, 2022 RTL+.

Jennifer Rath, “Bachelor in Paradise” candidate 2022
Jennifer Rath, “Bachelor in Paradise” candidate 2022

Bachelors in Paradise, RTL+

Umut Tekin and Chiara Fröhlich on “Bachelor in Paradise”

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