Did they come back? Maíra Cardi and Arthur Aguiar appear together in a couples coach lecture. Look!

Maíra Cardi on chances of resuming relationship with Arthur Aguiar: ‘Impossible’

This week, the actor told Leo Dias that he still wants to return with the mother of his daughter, Sophia, who won a party in celebration of her 4th birthday. “I haven’t given up trying to win back my family, my wife,” he said.

However, in conversation with Lucas Pasin, Maíra was categorical: her relationship with Arthur has no return. “To be quite honest, from the bottom of my soul, I don’t see the slightest possibility of that happening. No chance. We broke up and got back together many times, but now I didn’t make a rash decision”, she said, who denied having been betrayed again by the actor.

“I already exhausted all possibilities in this relationship, I gave everything I had to give. I did my best, and even beyond what I could. I leave the relationship with my heart at peace and with the certainty that I did everything that could be done for the marriage to work out”, added Maíra Cardi.

She even denied the possibility of getting pregnant again with Arthur Aguiar. “It’s impossible. Sophia was something that made me go further. I’m not willing to give up things for that. That’s if we were together, right? my head,” he declared.

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