Did the former first lady Valérie Treiweiler insult Inès Reg and her sister in Beijing Express? The extract that is shocking!

The race continues in Beijing Express! For a few weeks, M6 has been broadcasting the special edition where celebrities compete and try to win the adventure in order to win a check for the association of their choice. If from the beginning the attitude of Valérie Trierweiler annoys the viewers a little, she has just shocked them again by letting go verbally.

The fourth stage was marked by the return of the red flag and thus the pair possessing this object had the power to stop the race of the competitors of their choice for fifteen minutes. And viewers were delighted to discover that it was Inès Reg and her sister Anaïs who found the coveted flag. The two young women have thus decided to stop Valérie Treiweiler and her best friend Karine.

Arrived at the height of Inès and Anaïs, the ex-companion of François Hollande immediately realized that something was brewing against her. Furious, she then launched: “They were waiting for us the salps!” to Karine. The two friends were therefore forced to stop the tuk-tuk driving them and stop for 15 minutes. “Thank you for the birthday present and for Karine’s injury,” added Valérie Treiweiler, who celebrated her 57th birthday that day. If the insult of Valérie Treiweiler shocked Internet users, they were however very amused by the imitation of Inès Reg, the former First Lady.

“It’s funny because the hello we have with Xavier and Yoann are friendly. We give each other strength. She doesn’t give strength. It’s not friendly. It’s really: ‘Hi people, yes I’m ken you, like usual‘.” she said, imitating her rival.

Aliénor de la Fontaine

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