Did he shoot his partner and daughters out of jealousy? The murders were premeditated

The triple murder and suicide took place in a quiet street in a family house in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. The family reported the gruesome discovery to the police on Wednesday around 10 a.m. The question is whether the man killed in the morning or already in the evening. “I cannot comment on that,” said police spokeswoman Simona Kyšnerová. Apparently he had everything figured out.

“The traces of murder were all over the house. From the corridor on the ground floor to the little room on the first floor. The man had a longer time frame to decide whether to kill not only his partner, but also both daughters. Not just a few seconds,” stated Aha! a source familiar with the investigation. Sadly, he killed the older girl on her sixth birthday. “She was looking forward to the big party on Saturday,” said Aha! one of the neighbors. “He was a constable, and such people have undergone psychological tests and are supposed to protect. His act undermines trust in the police,” Mr. Jiří (64) from Rožnov shook his head.

They evaluate the clues

“Criminal detectives worked at the scene late into the night on Wednesday, and today the house is guarded by police officers. As the suspect is dead, no one is currently being prosecuted. Forensic autopsies and reports are being carried out, the secured traces are being processed and evaluated,” spokeswoman Simona Kyšnerová said yesterday.

The townspeople are silent, the police mourn

“I will not comment. It’s a matter for the police. Thank you for your understanding,” Jan Camprla, director of the Municipal Police in Valašské Meziříčí, said yesterday about the act of his deputy. He and his colleagues are in shock. The building doesn’t even have a black flag, the police building does. How Aha! found out, it was there that the constable’s partner worked as a uniformed policewoman.

Psychologist Klimeš: Evenly distributed suffering

“Even though shooting innocent children seems like an absolutely terrifying act, the shooter does not have to have any psychopathological disorder. It could just be bad morals or character,” said Aha! psychologist Jeroným Klimeš (55). “It was aggression directed against my partner. He couldn’t imagine life without her, so he killed her and took the children with him. He then committed suicide. He didn’t want to be alone. He didn’t want the woman to belong to another man and the children to call another man daddy. In order to distribute the suffering equally, he killed her, the children and himself. From his point of view, everyone suffered approximately the same,” says the psychologist.

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