Did he have to end up? Words about the breakdown of a relationship with a husband

Although it belongs He had to and Bialý among the stable couples of the Czech popular scene, who together overcame the presenter’s serious illness, when it looked like he would remain confined to a wheelchair, Musil himself would not like to hinder his husband in the future. So they openly started the topic of not being together one day.

Honza Musil is walking again after three operations! Check out his first steps!

“At 40, one is still active. Then comes fifty, it’s a little different, but a person, if he lives like me, does not attach any importance to that age. Now I will be 55 and it doesn’t really matter again. But I’m tighter, of course health has taken its toll on me – what happened to me. The second thing is that one begins to regret that we did not meet 20 years earlier. That’s the thing that bothers me” he lamented in the Na kafeečko show Milusa Bittnerová.

“Then I will be 65, he will also be ten years older, but when it comes to what we like together and what we enjoy, the train will leave me. I keep telling Kuba: “I wonder if I’ll live to be 85, and I’ll be sitting here on the bench by the little house, and I’ll be happy to see that you have someone younger next to you.” That’s just reality. I don’t want him to have a fart grandpa at home. He laughs at me, but I think that the best reward for each person in a couple is when they see the other person happy,” he stated, reconciled.

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