Did Damien and Pauline know each other before the filming of Married at first sight? : "We crossed paths"

The wait was long for fans of “Married at first sight”… Deprived of their weekly episode last week due to a football match broadcast on the sixth channel, this Monday, June 13, 2022, they were finally able to discover the continuation of the adventures of the couples that they saw being born on their small screen… And among them, the marriage of Damien and Pauline, two thirty-somethings who fell in love with each other at first sight!

While the two Marseillais decided to stay married during the last episode, many Internet users wondered if Pauline and Damien did not know each other before filming? And for good reason, the latter lived only a few kilometers from each other and had several acquaintances in common… Enough to arouse the suspicions of the Web!

“She came to my place of work”

Questioned by our colleagues TV Mag FigaroPauline therefore answered the question that everyone is asking: “We have crossed paths, that’s for sure! But without paying attention to each other. I think if we had talked to each other that day, four years ago, maybe it wouldn’t have worked out…”she said.

“We very quickly asked ourselves the question, especially since several of our relatives had already seen each other and talked about it during the ceremony. With Pauline, we had never noticed each other, but we know that we had already crossed paths on many occasions. Especially when she went to my place of work, to my car dealership to buy her BMW, she had to deal with another adviser. My mother had also met her since she came to treat patients who live in her street.said Damien for his part…

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Lisa Ziane

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