Did Charlene de Monaco have cosmetic surgery? Albert responds bluntly

Charlene from Monaco returned to her family on November 8 after months in South Africa, where she was recovering from an ENT infection. Unfortunately, since returning to the Rock, the 43-year-old princess has been exhausted “physically and morally”, as explained by her husband, Prince Albert. Hospitalized far from the principality, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella (6 years old) absent during the Monaco National Day, is the subject of many rumors about her state of health, her marriage but also possible cosmetic surgeries. Prince Albert took the floor to silence the gossip. Interviewed by Stéphane Bern in the new issue of Paris Match, the brother of Stéphanie and Caroline of Monaco made things clear.

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“I know the rumors, the princess does not suffer from any serious or incurable disease. It is not a couple problem either”, replied the son of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly. Before continuing: “There was no cosmetic surgery. They were only dental problems, nasal septum and sinuses … I do not want to betray medical confidentiality but only the ENT sphere was concerned”, said Prince Albert, without saying more about the evil that gnaws his wife.

“As this does not satisfy the media, everyone went there with their little theory and their little comment (…) Charlene needs calm, rest, tranquility and appeasement. I say it kindly: leave it alone. the quiet one, leave us alone for a while “, asked the father, apparently very touched by the false information circulating here and there and marring his happiness.

During the long absence of his wife, who could not be present in Monaco to celebrate their 10 years of marriage this summer, Prince Albert went it alone. He had to keep his princely commitments and take care of his twins, also affected by the absence of their mother. Fortunately, the prince can count on the support of his relatives. “My children and I feel very surrounded, supported by our family, starting with my sisters”, confided the one who is also the father of Jazmin Grimaldi and Alexandre Coste.

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