Did Cande Tinelli sell his Twitter account? The messages that raised suspicion

Cande Tinelli It stands out in various professional fields, although one of the strongest is the advertisements on its social networks. Marcelo Tinelli’s daughter accumulates many followers on their profiles, so it appears as a great opportunity to promote certain products. However, in the last hours he caught the attention of his fans.

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Although his Instagram account is in the normal lanes and he posts a lot of content every day, his Twitter was altered in your most recent posts. The profile that accumulates more than a million followers kept its at sign and the verified, although there were some very significant changes.

The profile photo was changed and many things related to cryptocurrencies began to be published. Furthermore, the account description was also modified in a strange way and mentions: “TV Celebrity & Crypto Fanatic | #NFT SHILLER | Send ⮕ BIG Marketing Campaigns | Gem hunter NFA.”.

Quickly, many of his followers began to suspect that Cande Tinelli he sold his account, something that is quite common on the internet. By having many followers, it has a lot of reach that can be useful to spread certain topics and, in this case, it was cryptocurrencies. As if the evidence were few, all posts are in English.

The girlfriend of Coti Sorokin She is very active in her musical projects, as well as in commercials. The preparation of his new songs leaves him little free time, although he always finds moments to relax and interact with his followers.

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