Dick Schreuder about brother Alfred: ‘Most trainers have a hard time at Ajax in the beginning’

Dick Schreuder tells Football International that he will continue to support his brother, Alfred Schreuder. The trainer of PEC Zwolle sees that his brother is having a hard time at Ajax, but also knows that his brother is not the only trainer who is experiencing a difficult initial period at the Amsterdam club.

‘It’s just a turbulent time now, but it’s always turbulent at Ajax,’ Schreuder begins. ‘Most trainers who come there have a hard time in their initial phase.’ Schreuder indicates that he sometimes discusses this with his brother. ‘Sure you talk about this. Of course I know him differently. We’re both a bit explosive sometimes, but other than that we’re just calm.’

Schreuder continues his story by telling that the brothers have been through a lot together. ‘With the things we’ve been through, and the things he brought with him, I know he can put this into perspective very well. That’s how he has become so that he can handle this kind of thing, you know.’

Assistant coach at Ajax

Schreuder would also have been in the spotlight at Ajax. The brother of the Ajax coach could have become an assistant, but still chose to remain active as head coach of PEC Zwolle. ‘I chose myself because I just wanted to continue on my own two feet.’ Still, the coach would have enjoyed being active at Ajax with his brother. ‘We had already worked together, but in the end I chose not to.’

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