Diana’s former secretary speaks out: Princess lied about special episode?

Princess Diana’s unhappy marriage to Prince Charles shocked when it was revealed in the book ‘Diana: Her true Story’.

Now her former press secretary tells in a new podcast how hard Diana had to fight in the royal family. But it also emerges that she exaggerated on important subjects.

According to 66-year-old Patrick Jephson, who was Diana’s press secretary from 1988 to 1996, Princess Diana had it unreasonably hard in the royal family.

He therefore believes that it is completely unreasonable that she was often – and especially at the time – referred to as slightly crazy with mental problems. Instead, he believes that she was a strong woman who coped with the difficult circumstances surprisingly well.

Princess Diana.

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According to Jephson, Prince Charles’ advisers and friends were behind a smear campaign against his ex-wife at the time, where, according to Jephson, they leaked bad things to the press about Diana, which made her life hell.

“This is not just ordinary gossip. It was a systematic campaign. Okay, it was a long time ago…but. The man they supported is now our king and these things shouldn’t be buried, they shouldn’t just be conveniently swept aside,” he says, according to Page Six in a new podcast called The Scandal Mongerswhich the two authors of books behind the royal house, Phil Craig and Andrew Lownie, are behind.

Jephson believes that things should come to light as it could happen again.

In addition, Jephson is indignant at the rumors that were spread that Princess Diana was unbalanced and slightly crazy, and that this has gradually become the official narrative:

Princess Diana died in 1997.

Princess Diana died in 1997.

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“I probably knew Princess Diana better than most people – at least professionally – and she was one of the most level-headed people I’ve met,” he says and continues:

“When you think about the life she lived, when you think about the pressure she was under, she wasn’t just balanced – she had an ability to maintain balance even in crazy situations.”

Princess Diana shocked most of the world when the book ‘Diana. Here true Story’ was published in 1992.

Although Diana – who can also be seen in the new season of the TV series The Crown – denied having contributed to the book that revealed that Prince Charles had an affair, few doubted that she had helped the author.

Diana with her two sons.

Diana with her two sons.

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According to Jephson, she contributed out of frustration that she could not do anything about her broken marriage because Charles was not punished for his affair and because she felt lonely.

Diana subsequently also used some of the things she revealed in the book – such as that she had had the eating disorder bulimia – to her advantage by talking about them and gaining sympathy.

However, according to the podcast’s host, Phil Craig, she exaggerated quite a few things.

Among other things, when she said in the book that she had had a very unhappy childhood and youth, and when she said that she had thrown herself down a flight of stairs while she was pregnant with Prince William, when she was so unhappy.

According to the witnesses Craig has spoken to, Diana slipped a few steps down the stairs when she argued with Charles. However, Charles should have called a doctor immediately.

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