Diana of Wales: one of her cars is auctioned for $ 122,000

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Diana of Wales, who was known as the “princess of the people”, always wanted to distance herself from her in-laws and if she fled from something during her years in British royalty, it was protocol. That’s why it wasn’t strange to see her driving her during her marriage with Charles of Wales. Now, one of those cars, the 1985 Ford Escort RS Turbo S1 model, will go up for auction with a starting price of 120,000 euros, it has been announced. Silverstonethe house in charge of putting it up for sale.

“It is believed that the vehicle is unique as the first and only RS Turbo Series 1 in black,” says the British auction house on its Instagram account, where it explains the characteristics of the car that belonged to Diana of Wales between the years 1985 and 1988. This model was an exclusive creation for Lady Disince, until now, all vehicles of this model were only white.

The Ford Escort RS Turbo S1 that belonged to Diana of Wales. (Photo: silverstoneauctions | Instagram)

The fascination with Diana of Wales

“Registered on August 23, 1985, this RS Turbo Series 1 and its famous driver they were to be photographed extensively outside the boutiques Chelsea and Kensington restaurants for years to come. A press photo shows the future king, his royal highness, Prince William, sitting in the back with his mother smiling at the wheel, ”adds the auction house in the post.

The expectation generated by this new auction of an object that belonged to Diana of Wales is one more example that the figure of “princess of the people” continues to generate fascination when this August will be the 25th anniversary of his tragic death in a traffic accident in Paris.

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