Diana Lopes makes a statement after expulsion: “In order to clarify all doubts…”

This Monday, November 14th, Diana Lopes returned to social media after being expelled from Big Brother during last Sunday’s gala.

In one of the stories she shared on Instagram, the northern woman began by clarifying the ‘suspects’ that she may have had contact with her son during her stay at the reality show and which were even launched by Frederica Lima.

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🇧🇷In order to clarify all doubts, at no time during my stay at the house did I have any contact with my son. Last Monday, after a mission proposed by Big in which I was successful, I was rewarded: I received a photograph! Just it“, it can be read.

In the same publication, the former competitor revealed that she already missed her son through digital means: “After more than 2 months, I heard the long-awaited ‘I love you mom’ again“, he wrote.

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