Diana Dimitrova: I am not a boyfriend with Anton Stankov, this is total degradation!

This is total degradation! I don’t know who makes these things up, the actress is categorical.

“I wonder how these “authors” explain to their children and grandchildren how they make their money. I wonder what they see when they look in the mirror in the morning. I think I know the answer – total degradation.” With these words, the actress Diana Dimitrova burst out on the last article in the press about her having an affair with the former Minister of Justice, and now her lawyer, Anton Stankov.

Anton Stankov

Facebook has become the place where the “Stolen Life” actress erupts every day, commenting emotionally on everything that is written about her after her admissions of abuse by a colleague.

According to the publication, Stankov and Dimitrova met during the case. The former minister also accompanied her to the police, where they recorded an explanation of the abused star five years ago. During their joint work, however, sparks also flew, the publication claims.

“Bulgaria Today” tried to contact the former minister of justice, who headed the ministry of Simeon of Saxe-Coburg for four years, but without success.

The 57-year-old Stankov, who is an excellent lawyer, took up Diana Dimitrova’s case with interest and is adamant that a case will be reached, although five years ago, when the violence happened, the actress did not take a medical.

Shortly before commenting on the new rumors about herself, Diana again erupted on Facebook saying: “I understand why I annoy the poor”she wrote, adding to her words the date – March 7, 2023, when the case is most likely expected to begin.

The actress realized that the scandal that broke out a month ago with her accusations against a colleague made her extremely combative. “Thank you for making me a fighter,” wrote Diana, and below she shared a link to the song by the famous pop singer Christina Aguilera. In fact, the quote is from the piece in question.

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