Diana Del Bufalo insists: “I am not vaccinated for health reasons. At the theatre? Swabs. But I’m not no vax “

“In the theater we do what the law requires: a tampon every 48 hours, vaccinated or not. I didn’t get vaccinated for health reasons and I don’t have much more to add“, tells Diana Del Bufalo a The messenger a few days after the debut at the Brancaccio theater with “Sette Spose per Sette Fratelli”. The actress, professionally born to Friends of Maria De Filippi, has been overwhelmed by controversy in recent weeks: “I’m not a no vax. I wanted to say that I am not vaccinated because I am a transparent person and I speak without filters. I know that this attitude can have repercussions, sometimes even serious ones. I was threatened with death for this vaccine thing“, He explains to the Roman newspaper.

“I live long enough on social media to know that they’re just keyboard lions, ultimately doing nothing. They just say terrible things. I also believe that freedom of speech is essential. I have already apologized on social media for what I said about vaccines, I was angry “, adds the leading actress of the series”God help us“. In a live Instagram she had declared that she was not vaccinated, that someone had advised against it and that “she wanted to try to have an experience”. The episode was shared by the RAI journalist Domenico Marocchi, in another video she went further: “Ithe vaccine, but fuck you! It doesn’t work, it’s disappointing. I think it is very disappointing. If it is destiny I will take it, I try to be careful. They sold the vaccine as ‘if you get vaccinated you can do anything’, many have thought so “. In the following hours he explained that he had not received the vaccine “because of family genetics I have a dancing heart, nothing serious but still I monitor it”.

A few days later with a social post he tried to back down: “My outburst, perhaps for many out of place, concerns only my feeling the weight of this situation. I want to specify that in my small way I have always followed the rules, doing at least 3 rapid and molecular swabs a week to be able to work in full compliance with all safety rules and not to endanger colleagues, friends, relatives and myself. I will always do everything in my power to be a responsible person. I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy 2022 “.

The actress excludes the will of Amazon to cut his participation in the second season Lol: “But let alone. We have already shot everything in September. It is fake news. I loved the program and actually staying in it is very complicated. You feel really bad physically if you can’t let go of laughter. And then I already knew many of the comedians, it was a great experience. But I can’t talk about it yet. “

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