Diam’s: How did the singer save a famous singer from suicide?

Diam’s is a lucky star. Revealed to the general public thanks to her rap and her touching lyrics of the time, the young woman, touched by depression, then decided to move away from the stage, the music, and notoriety. Too much pressure, which she could no longer bear, just as well. Other artists.

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Indeed, if the two brothers Bigflo and Oli are close to their fans and passionate about their careers, their music sometimes reveals a certain inner discomfort. It is also in front of Télé Loisirs, in 2018, that the duo confided in this subject: “There was one day when I went crazy, my nerves were completely let down, I wanted to screw myself up. It’s the first time that, with Oli, we said to each other ‘ Wow, man, we’re really tired ‘”. A burnout that was finally avoided, thanks to the intervention of Diam’s. Without whom, the situation could have escalated.


If she has been living in Saudi Arabia for several years now, Mélanie Georgiades remains present in silence for the newcomers of the music scene. It was moreover she who saved Oli from suicide, “I will not reveal the tenor of his words to you, but she was of great help to my brother”. A terrible ordeal for the two brothers, who are currently on hiatus on social networks to come back with a new original album.

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