Diabetic Patients Should Consume Neem And Giloy Juice Regularly For Controlling Blood Sugar Level

Due to increased blood sugar level in the body, there are problems like severe headache, blurred vision and inability to concentrate.

Young people are also becoming victims of diabetes, a major reason for this is their poor lifestyle. In today’s time, people become prone to diabetes due to excessive consumption of fast foods, lack of physical activity, laziness and stress. According to a report, today 7.8 percent of the people in India are suffering from diabetes. Diabetic patients need to take extra care of their blood sugar level. Because the increase in the amount of glucose in the blood leads to many problems.

Symptoms of high blood sugar: in the body blood sugar level Due to the increase, problems like severe headache, blurred eyesight, inability to concentrate, frequent urination, weight loss, frequent thirst, tiredness and stress start happening. In severe cases, life-threatening conditions like heart disease, kidney failure and brain stroke can also arise.

According to health experts, diabetic patients need to take more care of their diet. Because food affects your blood sugar level. To control the blood sugar level, diabetic patients should consume neem and giloy juice regularly.

Neem and Giloy Juice: Rich in medicinal properties, Neem and Giloy have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Even if diabetic patients chew neem leaves regularly, their blood sugar level remains under control.

Use like this: For this boil 10-15 neem leaves. Then add a spoonful of Giloy powder, a little ginger, 10 mint leaves and a pinch of black pepper powder and grind it. You can also add salt to the juice according to your taste. Consuming neem and giloy juice every morning on an empty stomach blood sugar level remains controlled.

Not only neem but giloy also helps in controlling blood sugar level.

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