Diabetes: "SOKO"-Star Jacques Breuer had toes amputated

Jacques Breuer (66) feels the long-term effects of diabetes. The actor became known to a wider television audience through his role as Peter Bathory in the 1979 adventure four-part film “Mathias Sandorf”. Among other things, he also took on roles in “Der Alte”, “Ein Fall für Zwei” or “Der Bulle von Tölz”. However, 30 years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes. Because of his illness, Jacques now even had to undergo an amputation.

It started with neuropathy in the feet – a typical diabetic disease. The vessels clog and are no longer supplied with blood. “The big toe on my left foot became infected, I got severe sepsis,” the 66-year-old explained picture. “The toe could not be saved and had to be amputated. The two toes next to it as well. I was lucky because at first it looked as if the entire foot would have to be removed.”he added.

When the wound didn’t heal, it was revealed the TV star had contracted a resistant hospital germ. “I was in excruciating pain, was on opiates. I was in two hospitals for four months”, he recalled. But even when Jacques was allowed to go home, he didn’t feel any better. “I lost eight kilos, couldn’t stand or walk, couldn’t even sit up. My family doctor had me taken to the emergency room at night,” he revealed. An abscess was then discovered in his foot. “I had surgery straight away. Within two days the foot started to heal,” the actor continued. Now he can even walk again.

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Jacques Breuer, 1998

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Jacques Breuer, actor

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Jacques Breuer, actor

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