Diabetes Patient Can Take Giloy In This Way Makes Blood Sugar Level Control

Rich in medicinal properties, giloy contains glucoside, tinosporin, palmerin and tinosporic acid, which helps in controlling blood sugar level.

Diabetes is a chronic disease, in which it is very important to keep the blood sugar level under control. In the present time, due to poor diet, disordered lifestyle, no physical activity, heredity and stress, people fall in the grip of diabetes. In this disease, the body either stops producing insulin or it becomes insulin resistant. According to a report, today 7.8 percent of the people in India are suffering from diabetes.

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The increase in the amount of glucose in the blood leads to severe headache, blurred vision, weight loss, frequent thirst, tiredness, inability to concentrate and problems like stress. However, when the condition of diabetes worsens, the risk of life-threatening conditions like heart diseases, kidney failure and brain stroke increases. That’s why health experts advise diabetic patients to take special care of their blood sugar level.

According to experts, some Ayurvedic herbs are One such herb is Giloy, through which it can help in controlling blood sugar level. Rich in medicinal properties, giloy contains glucoside and tinosporin, palmerin and tinosporic acid, as well as anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties including iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium. Diabetic patients can consume Giloy in different ways.

Consume Giloy like this:

Giloy Juice: For this, make juice from the stem and leaves of Giloy. If you want, you can add neem, cucumber, tomato or evergreen flowers to it. You can get benefit by consuming this juice on an empty stomach in the morning. If you want, you can also eat Giloy tablet, but before consuming it, consult a doctor once.

Giloy decoction: blood sugar level The decoction of Giloy is very beneficial in controlling it. For this, boil the stem of Giloy in water until it is reduced to half. After this, after cooling, consume the decoction.

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