Di Matteo: “Nordium? Parliament is not supine to the prosecutors, too many times they did not want to listen to their opinion and their alarm “


According to Nordio, Italy is not made up only of anti-mafia prosecutors and Parliament cannot be supine to their statements? I absolutely do not agree with the danger that Minister Nordio envisages. I say instead that too many times they didn’t even want to listen to the opinion, thought and alarm of the anti-mafia prosecutors“. Thus, to the microphones of Vests 102.5, on Rtl 102.5the magistrate Nino DiMatteomember of the CSM and former deputy prosecutor in Palermo and Caltanissetta, comments on the words spoken in the Chamber by the Minister of Justice Charles Nordio,. And he adds: “Very often, as happened with the Cartabia reformthe alarms of the anti-mafia prosecutors on the consequences that certain reforms would have had on the overall system of repression of the mafia. And today everyone is realizing how some parts of that reform were absolutely harmful also for the fight against the mafia”.

The magistrate focuses on the arrest of Matthew Messina Money: ” Anyone who knows the history of the mafia knows that one cannot draw hasty conclusions. It cannot be said with certainty that the season of massacres has definitively ended. Cosa Nostra was able to change its strategies according to the political and social contingencies of the country. I believe that – he continues – in recent days some have adopted such triumphalistic and definitive tones as to be dangerous. I hear it is the end of a violent Cosa Nostra against the state and the institutions, but I wouldn’t be so sure because, I repeat, the history of the mafia teaches us that they have resorted to different strategies depending on the contingencies and interests ”.

Regarding the consequences of the arrest of the mafia boss, Di Matteo observes: “What will happen now? Investigations will be carried out to verify what will happen in the world of Cosa Nostra, but in general in the world of all mafias, because this arrest could destabilize the current structure of all the Italian mafias. We’ll see what happens. The mafias were not definitively defeated when Riina was arrested and remained alive and well after the arrest of Provenzano. They are still dangerously strong above all because in the meantime – he concludes – they have acquired a greater ability to infiltrate the economy and entrepreneurship. We hope that the investigations can arrive at certain results, because the possible possession of important documents by a man of honor of the caliber of Matteo Messina Denaro would always constitute a possibility of pressure and blackmail against the state. And a serious state cannot accept or bear the pressure, the blackmail, the implicit threat, which have always been the strength of the mafia”.

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