Di Battista: “In the next few days I will go to Russia for a report. I bought the ticket myself in a travel agency “

“In the next few hours I will go to Russia. You will write a report and make a documentary. This is what I love to do and, moreover, I think it is useful to know what they think ‘on the other side. I will update you ”. She announced it with a video on Facebook Alessandro Di Battista, which in the next few days will come to Fly to produce a work that will be published on the Daily fact and, in the video version, on the platform TvLoft.“In early April – he explained – just over a month after the outbreak of the war, listening to the excellent correspondent Rai Marc Innaro speaking to Carta Bianca, I thought it was really interesting to understand what the Russians (especially those who live outside the big cities) think of the conflict, of Europe, of sanctions, of Putin, of the rapprochement with China. So – explains the former M5s exponent – I started planning a trip to the deepest Russia. Before apply for a visa I warned theDelegated authority for the security of the Republic and after obtaining it theItalian Ambassador to Moscow“. The former 5-star also specified that he had bought the ticket independently, through a travel agency in Rome

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