Di Battista: “I could get closer to the M5s, but on condition that they leave the government. The tear must be done before the summer “

Alessandro Di Battista opens up the possibility of re-entering the 5 star movement. But as long as they get out of the government and do it quickly. The former M5s deputy, interviewed by The Post Internazonale (Tpi), commented on the latest moves of the former colleague Luigi Di Maio and the ongoing split in the M5s. “I don’t know if the Movement is over,” he said. “He could have a chance if he knows how to make uncomfortable, difficult and radical choices, such as those against the tide on which he was born.” Then he dictated his conditions: “I could get closer to the Movement, but on one condition, which is the only one acceptable for the many disappointed (me first) of these hours: they left the government and opposed it“.

According to the former deputy, who left the M5s when the Draghi government entered, time is running out. “The tear should be done immediately, now, before the summer. It cannot be a breakthrough of the last hour, perhaps just before the vote. I would sit at the table with Conte if he left the government before the summer. Even if sitting down does not mean going back “. In general, Di Battista reiterated, joining the “Draghi government it was the most serious mistake of all “: “It is no coincidence that I left the Movement on that choice,” he said. “In hindsight I am even more convinced: one of the clearest decisions of my life. For four ministerial chairs we were reduced to being the water bearers of others. If the Movement had said no, today Draghi would have stayed on City of the Pieve and this would certainly have been better for the Italian people ”. Di Battista, always speaking with ICT, also identifies “the main architect of that government”: Beppe Grillo. “Few have had the courage to fight it. I spoke to him and said: ‘Beppe, it is a suicide for the Movement’. He replied that I was too negative ”.

Di Battista then used very harsh words towards the foreign minister, with whom he served at the time of the birth of the M5s. “Di Maio’s was a pathetic press conference,” he said. “I know him well, Luigi doesn’t believe what he says. He does this battle to keep the prospect of a political career open. The of him and that of some, among those who followed him, who have this priority. Today he is guided by the spirit of convenience. Evidently, his career counts more than the ideas he fought for when he led the Movement. By now I was sure he would come out of the M5s. Since he began to apologize for all his choices, to try to rebuild a new, more institutional identity “. And speaking of the two-term rule, he concluded: “The limit of the second term is a rule that works, as he well knew Gianroberto Casaleggio. Institutions cannot become an employment office. Because when this happens, then – as we can see – opportunism arises. None of us were elected saying: “I want to be a new Andreotti”.

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