DHL, after the survey nearly 1500 workers hired. The Milan prosecutor’s office requests the filing

The investigation by the Milan prosecutor’s office into VAT fraud and missing contributions dates back to June 2021, which led to the emergency seizure of 20 million paid by DHL Supply Chain Italy. Today almost 1,500 workers are hired by dhlshipping giant (controlled by the German Post Office) and the prosecutors are asking for the filing of the position of the company, under investigation for the administrative liability envisaged by Law 231 of 2001. As reported by Il Corriere della Sera, it has been filed with the Attorney General and with the defenders ” an innovative filing request” of the administrative offense of tax fraud alleged against the company.

The Milan Public Prosecutor accused DHL Supply Chain Italy of neutralizing, through a consortium of cooperatives, its own tax wedge through “the outsourcing of the workforce”, through “contracts for the illicit supply of labor passed off as procurement contracts”, with the loss of VAT for the tax authorities and “no protection for workers forced to switch from a cooperative to the other, on pain of losing your job”. Therefore, being investigated for administrative liability, DHL seemed to be on the way to a plea deal with a fine. However, the group, following the line of the defenders of the Isolabella law firm, has instead converted the ‘judicial trouble’ into an opportunity to strengthen the internal anti-tax crimes organizational model and to monitor the VAT obligations of suppliers, explains the newspaper. He thus chose to “reinternalise” the workers with the hiring of almost 1,500 people, costing the company another ten million. Precisely this “strong signal, also to the outside, of wanting to continue the activity in full legality”, for the prosecutors “determines a clear break”. So as to induce the Public Prosecutor’s Office to ask for the filing of a company’s administrative offense for the first time.

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