Dhar News: The pond which recharges two thousand tube wells is 60 percent empty

Gush. (New Zealand Representative). Munj pond is the basis of the ground water system of the city. This time the Munj pond is lying empty. The reason for this pond being empty is that in the coming time, the water available to the people through tube wells will be less available. Because there is still no heavy rain, then drought conditions can be created. The city has recorded about 24 inches of rain so far. Even after so much rain, the pond is only 40 percent full. However, this year there has been less water inflow into the pond. The water that remains in it, due to the good rain that was received last year, it is filled with water till May. Currently 60% is vacant. The direct meaning of the pond is that there may be a water crisis in the coming times.

It is worth noting that the monsoon remained indifferent in the city, which is continuing till now. It rained from time to time, but not at a rapid pace. However, the figure of rain gradually increased to 24 inches in a few days. But only 40% water has been filled in the pond. Now that only about 15 days are left for the monsoon, there is little hope that the pond will be filled to the fullest. If it rains miraculously then surely this pond will be filled to the fullest. If the pond is not filled to the fullest, then the situation of drought can be created here. The water available at present is not enough to raise the ground water level of the city. Only then will the groundwater level rise, then this pond will be able to fill completely. Last year there was more than enough rain. In such a situation, the pond here was inundated and its water overflowed and started coming out. After that, the city did not have to face drinking water even during the scorching summer days. The arrangement of this ancient pond, built during the time of Raja Bhoj, is such that if the pond is filled with water, then the inflow of water remains in the wells, stepwells, tube wells of the central area of ​​the city.

women fasting

Bakhatgarh. Balram Jayanti was celebrated with great pomp by the Indian Farmers Association. On Balram Jayanti on Sunday in village Reshamgara, women renounced Anna and kept fast. The women did not even go to the fields for the whole day. In the courtyard of the village, women and men worshiped Lord Balarama along with his weapon plow. Indian Farmers Association’s block co-secretaries Vijesh Patidar, Shantilal Patidar, Kamlesh Patidar, Mahesh Patidar, Ganesh, Rahul, Pawan, Ajit Patidar, Ankit, Sharad, Vijay, Anil, Sunil etc. were present.

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