Dhar News: Procession of youth returned after completing training

The bitter gourd. Sriram Katara, who returned home after completing the training of the Parachute Regiment included in the bravest 10 regiment of the Indian Army, was welcomed in a procession in the village. The villagers welcomed and distributed sweets at different places in the procession which came out with patriotic slogans and drums and cards. Born on January 4, 1999 in a poor laborer family, Shriram Katare had the spirit of service to the country since childhood. Father Radheshyam Katara supported his family by doing hammali. Shri Ram is the youngest in the house after brothers Balaram and Krishna. The elder Shri Ram, who grew up in poverty, never deviated from his goal. He was selected in the Ujjain Recruitment Rally on 20 November 2019. On 30 September 2020, he went to Parachute Regiment Training Center Bangalore and completed nine months of training. After returning home after completing his training, Shriram Katara first reached Triveni Shiva temple. After this he took blessings at Balaji Hanuman temple and Tejaji temple. Dinesh Raghuvanshi tied a safa and presented Shriphal. Krishna Patidar garlanded him, Narendra Kamdar Hitesh Patidar gave best wishes by distributing sweets.

Eight instructors of four higher secondary of Dahi were fired

Yogurt. (New Zealand News). The government has terminated the service of vocational trainers who have been serving for five years in four higher secondary schools of the region including Dahi. That too at a time when the government has started schools while recovering from the Corona period. Pupils were in dire need of vocational education when school started. At such times vocational trainers have been removed from schools.

It is worth mentioning that in the direction of providing employment oriented education to the students, Tribal Affairs Department and Higher Secondary Schools of School Education Department started vocational education in the years 2014-15, 2016-17 and 2019-20 in Higher Secondary Schools of the district including curd. Facilities provided. Eight vocational trainers of the area’s Boys and Girls Higher Secondary, Umavi Padiyal and Arara were removed from August 1.

has gone. At present, guest instructors have been removed at a time when schools have started and students

was in dire need of vocational education. They were paid for three months without work in April, May and June at the rate of about 35 thousand rupees per instructor.

If the same payment was made from August 2021, the students would have benefited from the services of the respective instructors. The students have demanded that in view of the loss of studies, vocational trainers should be appointed in schools without any delay. At the departmental level, the officials said that the matter would be brought to the notice of the senior officers of the department.

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