Dhar News: Number of patients increased, cleanliness system collapsed

Nagda. (New Zealand News). Along with seasonal diseases, the cases of viral fever and dengue are increasing day by day in the area. Private hospitals are crowded with patients. On the other hand, mosquitoes are breeding due to the garbage and dirt accumulated in the drains. Due to lack of attention to cleanliness on vacant places and plots, there is an outbreak of mosquitoes.

The doctor is on leave for several months at the Ayurvedic dispensary. After the transfer of the CHO to the Government Health Sub-Health Center, there is no proper arrangement for treatment there. Health systems are maintained at both the places with the support of ANM and compounder. In such a situation, the villagers have to take the help of private doctors.

Dr. AB Qureshi told that with the increasing viral fever

Dengue outbreak has also increased. Precautions are being advised while treating the patients. Dr. Rajesh Jogi told that the number of patients has increased after mosquitoes and climate change. To keep the patients clean, use of mosquito nets to protect them from mosquitoes, avoid drains and dirty places and there is no shortage of water in the body.

Several precautions are being advised during treatment, including the use of liquid beverages.

A person suffering from dengue disease is being advised to go to a bigger place for treatment. Dr. RK Chaturvedi informed that dengue disease is increasing more due to the outbreak of mosquitoes. Protect the person from mosquitoes, do not allow dirty water to collect around you, because the said disease affects the patients in a fast process during mosquito bites.

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