Dexter: New Blood, the review of the third episode: that father …

Our review of the third episode of Dexter: New Blood, which deepens the past of Jim / Dexter and Harrison (Jack Alcott), made of guilt and shadows, playing on three narrative levels.

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“For the body, blood is the truth”

Dexter: New Blood: Michael C. Hall in a scene from the third episode

Now that we have officially entered the atmosphere of the original series, as we will see in this one review of the third episode of Dexter: New Blood, the relationship between Jim / Dexter and Harrison deepens further, and we will discover that perhaps the son is not so far from his father, a serial killer of serial killers who has started killing again after a decade.

… such a son?

Dexter New Blood 1X03 Michael C Hall Jennifer Carpenter

Dexter: New Blood: Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter in a scene from the third episode

The episode moves on three narrative levels. In the first, Jim / Dexter (it’s as if Michael C. Hall had never left this role) must continue to keep the traces of Caldwell’s death as far away from himself and his property as possible. All the actions of our protagonist, who with the voiceover continues to update us on how he would like things to actually go, keep the suspense well, together with some well-chosen choices of direction. It’s amazing how Dexter keeps getting away with his police chief girlfriend and the other villagers as well, but how long can this last? It is on this question that the heart of the matter is concentrated now that all the cards (or almost all) have been placed on the table.

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Dexter New Blood 1X03 Johnny Sequoyah Friedenberg Jack Alcott

Dexter: New Blood: Johnny Sequoyah and Jack Alcott in a scene from the third episode

The other very important question is: Will Jim / Dexter kill again or was Caldwell really an isolated episode, is it possible for him to live in peace with his son and the new “family” created together with Angela (Julia Jones) and daughter Audrey ( Johnny Sequoyah), and with the dark passenger put back to sleep? Once again the snowy but blood-soaked landscape (with a lot of explicit mention to Fargo, who we had already mentioned in the first episodes as a reference) becomes a metaphor for what happens to the characters, and the second narrative level, the one dedicated to the mysterious serial killer of the hotel, takes small steps forward showing a man, still faceless (who is one of the main characters then?) who loves to hunt his victims in the woods, just like the defenseless white deer (symbol of purity and rarity) killed by Caldwell in the premiere. Between the lines Dexter: New Blood is talking about the use of weapons and relations with the natives (Dexter himself is an “invader” of Iron Lake, who does not know his true nature, just like the conquerors who celebrate at Thanksgiving in U.S. history).

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The sins of the fathers

Dexter New Blood 1X03 Michael C Hall Clancy Brown

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Dexter: New Blood: Michael C. Hall and Clancy Brown in a scene from the third episode

The third narrative level is the one that deepens the relationship between father and son, almost in the tradition of Greek tragedy. Could Dexter’s blame fall on Harrison (Jack Alcott)? By handling a school bully, we learn more about the boy’s past, and his potentially dangerous “abilities”. Could the dark passenger also be inside him, in his DNA, in his blood, just to stay on topic with the show? Just as we discover something more about Audrey’s past, also adopted but by a loving and adherent person like Angela. Harrison, on the other hand, has been in various foster homes, used to moving often and not becoming attached to anyone, and this has led to a certain sociopathy perhaps in the relationship with others. Obviously the serial does not mean between the lines that the system only produces problematic people, because often they already were, but that it does not help them find a certain balance and their own path. Parallel to this third storyline comes the father of Jim / Dexter’s victim, Mr Caldwell (Clancy Brown), who had peeped out at the end of the second episode. A father-master both for his son and for the town, who thinks he can rule by rod: he could also be the bearer of some faults, and above all of a shocking revelation. Only in the blood is there the truth and only the blood will be able to give us the answers we seek.


At the end of our review of the third episode of Dexter: New Blood, we confirm the excellent trend that is following this revival, keeping the suspense high on the question: will Jim / Dexter be able to get away with it this time? The episode unfolds on three narrative levels aimed not only at trying to answer this question, but also at delving into the past of Dexter and Harrison, and then of Angela and Audrey, and of what they went through in their lives, together. to what Mr. Caldwell represents to his deceased son and to the city.

Because we like it

  • The atmosphere reminiscent of the golden years of the original series continues.
  • The father-son relationship between Dexter and Harrison is further explored and above all what the latter may have become despite (or due to) the distance of the father.
  • Some of the director’s ideas are particularly appropriate.

What’s wrong

  • There may be a sense of static in the plot in this episode.
  • Maybe it’s a little too quick how Harrison gets along easily at Iron Lake.

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